Online sales process for beginners

Online sales process for beginners

How the Online Sales Process Works.

Making money online is not very difficult and if you want to know how the online sales process works you need to follow a few steps. Sometimes it is actually easier to make sales online rather than selling to customers face to face! The question that a beginner usually asks is: What should I do? Where should I start? How do I get the people to sell products to them? How actually the online sales process works? Here are the steps that you need to take to make sales online.

Step 1: Find a profitable Niche

The most difficult part of the process for someone who wants to learn internet marketing could be finding a niche. The niche that you want to work in has to be something that you know about or you are an expert in that field, for example if you are a carpenter, you can share your experience about installing a window or a door and give some information to the people who are visiting your website for free and then you can sell books that are relevant to the topics that you are talking about on your website and get commission by selling those books.

Step 2: Create a Website or Landing page

A few years ago  if you wanted a website you needed to go to a web designer and pay hundreds of dollars  to create a simple 5 pages website, but today with the help of  WordPress you can simply create your website if not within hours within a few days! The good news is that it is absolutely free and very easy!

WordPress is very easy to use as long as you have your text ready and you know how to copy and paste your text onto a page like Microsoft word!

Step 3: Create an Opt-In Box in your Web Pages

In order to make sales on your website you need to ask people to sign in to your opt-in page. How do you do that?  You need to create an opt-in box in every page of your website. An Opt-in box lets your website’s visitors enter their name and their email addresses, so you can be in contact with them later to inform them and promote your products to them in the future. List building is the most important part of the process, because the more people who sign up to your list, the more chances you will have to sell them your products or services.

In order to get your website’s visitors to sign up to your opt-in box you need to give them something relevant for free. That can be a report, an e-book, a webinar or a video. Basically you are asking the visitors to enter their emails in opt-in box in order to get access to the free stuff that you are offering them.

Step 4: Market products to your list

Now that you have your list you need to offer your list subscribers products and quality information over and over to make sales. The process usually starts with one or a few products. You can have a lot of different products to sell to your list as long as they are relevant to the topic that they have signed up for and you are not bombarding them to buy in. Don’t try to directly sell to them but give them quality information and at the end the option to learn more by buying your product or service.

As soon as you follow the steps above and apply the principles you will see results. Neostar Marketing will be your guide to help you to make money online.

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