What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO or “search engine optimization” is a process used to increase the amount of free traffic, known as organic listings from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

These search engines deliver targeted traffic to your web site for any keyword that is typed into search engines by people searching online. Search engines rank content based on many factors, like quality of content on your site, how relevant it is, and the overall structure of your web page layout.
SEO also known as “search engine optimization” has been around for quite some time. We can even say that SEO had been around since the beginning of the Internet however search engine optimization has become more mainstream in the last few years as more and more people have become aware of how powerful this strategy can be used to deliver high quality traffic to their web site for free.

Unlike paid traffic like Google Adwords which can be very “hit and miss”, SEO does not cost you money except you have to learn the concepts and apply systems and keep improving on your results. As we already briefly outlined, search engine optimization is the process of strategically placing key elements on a webpage so that Google and other search engines from around the world can rank your webpage better and therefore you will be able to achieve better search results and therefore get a ton of free targeted traffic to your website.

No one really knows exactly what search algorithms are used by search engines like Google really employ as that information is kept secret for obvious reasons. However it is well-established that search engines will always be attracted to webpages that constantly provide fresh and original information that is relevant to users surfing the Internet. The more relevant and targeted your information is, the better your webpage will rank well with the search engines. Today as in the past, one primary fact about SEO still holds true; content is king.
Now that we have introduced to you what SEO is and how it can benefit your website, it’s now time to go a little deeper and discuss the two primary types of search engine optimization that plays a key role in your success.

One other element that you should know and we will briefly discuss is the page rank factor used by Google to rank a website. Page rank or PR ranges from 0 to 10 in whole numbers. Zero being least important and 10 being at the top of the list. Your website will initially start off with a page rank of zero and over time will increase. How much your page rank increases depends on many factors such as the age of your website your on-site optimization and your off-site optimization.
Websites like Facebook Google and other major Internet players will have very high page rank usually seven or higher.
On-site optimization refers to search engine optimization techniques that are used on your website pages to better rank your content with search engines like Google.
On-site optimization for example is when you set page titles with your keywords and set up proper meta-tag information as well as things like H1, H2 in H3 tags. These HTML elements when strategically placed on a particular webpage will give your page a better ranking. There are other key elements for properly performing on-site optimization and we will cover these in more detail in future articles.

Off-site optimization refers to procedures that take place outside your website for example the practice of creating back links from other popular websites or blogs pointing back to your webpages to give your website more authority on the Internet. Back links are links that point back to your website or website pages from other websites on the Internet.
One popular practice is to leave a genuine and informative comment on a popular blog that is related to your site content or a specific article featured on your website. The other common practice is to write a content rich and original article and post it to some of the popular online article sites such as to create back links to your website. Over time these back links will also generate more traffic to your website as more and more people discover and read your posted articles and comments on other websites.
Search engine optimization is not complex or overall difficult to understand however there are a few important steps and tactics that you must understand to fully take advantage of SEO and benefit from its powerful effects.

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